Get A Grip

Ben Elton comes to ITV1 in a brand new comedy series which pairs the multi award winning playwright, novelist and one time motor mouth of alternative comedy with Alexa Chung, one of TV’s hottest (and coolest) rising stars.

Get A Grip which aired on ITV1 is a brand new type of comedy show devised by the man who’s previous TV originals include The Young Ones, Blackadder, Saturday Live and The Thin Blue Line.

Ben has teemed up with queen of cool Alexa Chung to create a new weekly observational comedy series which sticks it’s head above the parapet of 21st Century Britain, sticks it’s head straight back down again and screams “Get A Grip”.

The show sets Ben and Alexa in a newsroom style studio from which they take a hilarious cross generational look at anything and everything. Aided by sketches performed by David Armand, Fergus Craig, Geoff McGivern, Catherine Shepherd and Katy Wix, Ben’s unique humour is challenged by Alexa’s youthful, sassy attitude will ensure that you never look at the world the same way again.

Ben says of Alexa: “She’s sharp, hip, fiercely bright and let’s be honest, cracking easy on the eye”.

Alexa says of Ben: “I think my mum really likes him”

Get A Grip is a Big Bear Films / Phill McIntyre Entertainment co-production.

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