Big Top

Big Top is BBC ONE’s  family comedy that transmitted in the winter of 2009. It’s set in and around a travelling circus and is about the performers and backstage staff that make up Circus Maestro.

Each week a story is unfolded, erected, performed and taken down just like the big top itself. Our circus is fraught with problems, which the Ring Mistress (Lizzie) must overcome. What do you do when you’ve advertised a death-defying stunt which everyone has bought tickets to see, and the performer is just that little bit too injured? How do you manage a group of people who are so jealous of each other they are happy to sabotage their colleagues performances; or so dedicated as performers, that they are willing to sabotage their own survival? When the star acrobat is being chased by immigration, how do you hold on to him? Our characters clash with a cacophony of egos and Lizzie must keep the whole thing going…somehow.

BIG TOP stars:
Amanda Holden as Lizzie, The Ringmistress, keeping the show going against all odds.

John Thomson and Sophie Thompson as Geoff and Helen, The Clowns.
They are a husband and wife team. Geoff thinks he knows more about comedy than anyone, but hasn’t a funny bone in his body. Helen is his long suffering wife.

Tony Robinson as Erasmus is the soundman and accountant. He is cynical, manipulative and callous and will do anything to make a quick buck. His attitude to the other performers borders on contempt.

Ruth Madoc as Georgie and David the Dog. Georgie is the “Grande Dame” of Circus Maestro and now works with a dog, whom she often uses to get what she wants – “David’s not happy with the size of our caravan” - In truth she couldn’t care less about the dog.

Bruce MacKinnon as Boyco, the East European Acrobat. Without Boyco, Circus Maestro would go down the pan. He is dazzlingly talented and incredibly naïve to the ways of the English World. As a result everyone tries to take advantage of him.

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